Sunday, February 1, 2015

My name in Polish documents is defined by legal documents and is as on FB Page: Alexandra Mary Victoria Christina (Queen Alix) of Poland
My current name in US is Alexandra Sobieska and I have only one citizenship of one country, which is US! I am Polish royal blood line inheritor of Dynasty of my Polish family. My blood type and group is zero plus (0+) with other elements typical for pure royal families.
Hormone specific for us: Serotonin (which we can control), this hormone is not part of human/animal system as wrongly stated on some pages and books
Blood system: Zero plus (0+) blood group, which is not part of human and animal blood system
Somebody was hiding me when I was little, since my birth. They registered me under another identity, blood group ad ID number etc. All of that was odd and kept as a big secret. Thanks God it is revealed now timely. I belong to my people. :-)

Only 10 words can explain pure royal and leader of its nation and its state/country and that words describes me: Fairness, Justice, Honesty, Sharpness, Kindness, Obligation, Responsibility, Duty, Task and Loyalty (Faithfulness). Feeling for love is not included because that makes person be partial and corrupted.

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