Friday, June 5, 2015

Complete list of titles for HM the Queen

Crowned Princess or Grand Duchess Alexandra of Norfolk (UK)
Gifted by Atkobos Court and United Kingdom

Crowned Princess Royal Christina of Denmark by representatives of Danish Court
In Personal Absolute Signatory by legal Compliance
Princess of Turenne, Duchess of Bouillon

Officially Crowned in Chateau Versailles France
Princess Alexandra de Joyeuse-Albret, Princess of Courland, Duchess of Sagan
Her Highness Mademoiselle d'Auveregne, Princess of Guéméné

Queen Alix of Poland

Crowned by Official Royal Standard in Pałac w Wilanowie as HM Queen Alexandra Mary Victoria Christina Sobieska of Poland, Denmark, and All France

1- 1988 UK- Tribunalon Resolution Norfolk Duchy Plausable Contrabution of Related Right… Pragmatically semi-Salic law of Sucesssion

2-1993 -Denmark - Tribunal Resolution Edict of Atkobosian Transfer Of Crown Right

3-2001 Denmark -UK- France Tribunal (Statue of Royal Representatives of State Crown)
in Versailles Official Crowning Ceremony as The Absolute Sucessor Pragmatic of France by Tribunal

4- 2004- Poland- Crowned by Official Royal Standard in Pałac w Wilanowie by Statue of Aktobosian Court by Referendum of Royal Standard 111760, Royal High Court of Esposito.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FRAUD! Declaration Of Royal Arrest to Mr Ryan Patrick Windsor for "Illegal Claims To My Crown"

This boy is a fake.  He cannot be royal because he is not of royal and/or Aktobos bloodline. I am expert in that nuclear medicine, and can tell!
 Moreover, I was crowned PRINCESS OR GRAND DUCHESS OF NORFOLK since 1988.

 Link to this frauds page:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My name in Polish documents is defined by legal documents and is as on FB Page: Alexandra Mary Victoria Christina (Queen Alix) of Poland
My current name in US is Alexandra Sobieska and I have only one citizenship of one country, which is US! I am Polish royal blood line inheritor of Dynasty of my Polish family. My blood type and group is zero plus (0+) with other elements typical for pure royal families.
Hormone specific for us: Serotonin (which we can control), this hormone is not part of human/animal system as wrongly stated on some pages and books
Blood system: Zero plus (0+) blood group, which is not part of human and animal blood system
Somebody was hiding me when I was little, since my birth. They registered me under another identity, blood group ad ID number etc. All of that was odd and kept as a big secret. Thanks God it is revealed now timely. I belong to my people. :-)

Only 10 words can explain pure royal and leader of its nation and its state/country and that words describes me: Fairness, Justice, Honesty, Sharpness, Kindness, Obligation, Responsibility, Duty, Task and Loyalty (Faithfulness). Feeling for love is not included because that makes person be partial and corrupted.



Alexandra Mary Victoria Christina Sobieska.

I am one of the only four heiresses apparent in the world, Princess Alexandra Mary Victoria of Poland (the other three princess royals are Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant and Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Västergötland). ). I am pretending to throne chair of three countries (Poland, Denmark, and France), believe it or not! What is different from my side is my specific situation, due to threat of diseases. I have ZERO PLUS blood similar other elements typical for pure royal/Aktobos families. It is NOT O BLOOD, IT IS NOT NULTA PLUS BLOOD ! We do not have T4 cells!) I have constant tracking and surveilance due to threats from rival familes as well as Official "royal recognition mark" on my left hand which is with me for protection.

Second Salic Signatory : Alexandra M.V.C Sobieska

Third Salic Signatory: Nana. Alexandra de Joyeuse and Albret-Windsor-Glucksburg-Orleans