Friday, June 5, 2015

Complete list of titles for HM the Queen

Crowned Princess or Grand Duchess Alexandra of Norfolk (UK)
Gifted by Atkobos Court and United Kingdom

Crowned Princess Royal Christina of Denmark by representatives of Danish Court
In Personal Absolute Signatory by legal Compliance
Princess of Turenne, Duchess of Bouillon

Officially Crowned in Chateau Versailles France
Princess Alexandra de Joyeuse-Albret, Princess of Courland, Duchess of Sagan
Her Highness Mademoiselle d'Auveregne, Princess of Guéméné

Queen Alix of Poland

Crowned by Official Royal Standard in Pałac w Wilanowie as HM Queen Alexandra Mary Victoria Christina Sobieska of Poland, Denmark, and All France

1- 1988 UK- Tribunalon Resolution Norfolk Duchy Plausable Contrabution of Related Right… Pragmatically semi-Salic law of Sucesssion

2-1993 -Denmark - Tribunal Resolution Edict of Atkobosian Transfer Of Crown Right

3-2001 Denmark -UK- France Tribunal (Statue of Royal Representatives of State Crown)
in Versailles Official Crowning Ceremony as The Absolute Sucessor Pragmatic of France by Tribunal

4- 2004- Poland- Crowned by Official Royal Standard in Pałac w Wilanowie by Statue of Aktobosian Court by Referendum of Royal Standard 111760, Royal High Court of Esposito.